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+ Preorder for wonderland!! ^^ +

+ Wonderland PREORDER +
Goods are estimated to arrive in 2 weeks time!

Hello to all babes!!

The preorder will be open for 1 week 31th Aug -7th Sept only! =)
Goods will arrived in 2 - 3 weeks unless out of stock.
Pick out your style at a reasonable pricing! =D
All our clothes are in FREE SIZE~ otherwise stated.

note: measurement provided are estimated. it may be more or less than the actual item =)

Please understand that there may be cases where items are out of stock before the preorder period ends.

PRICES ARE ALL INCLUSIVE OF POSTAGE and shipping fees!!! =) - via normal mail

Click the pictures to take a closer look ~

Item Code: W01
Design: Can be wear as inner and outer, or even just one piece =)
Selling: $12.90
Availability: White, Grey, Pink, Green, Blue, Brown and Black

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 66cm
Chest: 36cm
Lower Waist: 39cm

Item Code: W02 (Stretchable)
Selling: $16.90
Availability: White, Dark Blue, Yellow, Peach Red

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 30-50cm
Chest: 35-53cm
Shoulder: 34cm
Lower Waist: 35-53cm
sleeve: 54cm
sleevehole: 9-14cm

Item Code: W03
Selling: $18.90
Availability: Peach Red, White and Black

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 57cm
Chest: 44-48cm
Shoulder: 35-38cm
Lower Waist: 46cm
sleeve: 58cm
sleevehole: 11cm

Item Code: W04
Design: Can be wear as inner(thin strap), or even just one piece =)
Selling: $16.90
Availability: blue, pink, black, white and purple

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 52cm
Chest: 28-34inch
Lower Waist: 42-48cm

Item Code: W05
Selling: $21.90
Availability: White only

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 60cm
Chest: 40cm
Lower Waist: 39cm
sleeve: 65cm
sleevehole: 9cm

Item Code: W06
Design: Little dots dots
Selling: $12.90
Availability: Black, Blue, Red and Pink

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 45cm
Chest: 26-32inch
Lower Waist: 40-51cm

Item Code: W07
Selling: $21.90
Availability: White and Black

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 56cm
Shoulder: 34-45cm
Waist: 35-44cm
Lower Waist: 37-47cm
sleeve: 61cm
sleevehole: 9-13cm

ps. Necklance is included =)

Item Code: W08 (2 separate pieces)
Selling: $23.90
Availability: Peach Red and Grey

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 57cm
Chest: 39-62cm
Shoulder: 36-52cm
Waist: 35-58cm
Lower Waist: 45-56cm
sleeve: 67cm
sleevehole: 11-16cm

Item Code: W09
Selling: $23.90
Availability: White and Pink

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 59cm
Chest: 46-53cm
Shoulder: 34cm
sleeve: 60cm
sleevehole: 9-14cm

Item Code: W10 (tube dress)
Selling: $16.90
Availability: Black, Blue, Green, Peach Red

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 66cm
Chest: 24-32inch
Waist: 24-32inch
Lower Waist: 36-45cm
sleeve: 54cm
sleevehole: 9-14cm

Item Code: W11
Selling: $12.90
Availability: White, Pink and Yellow

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 54cm
Chest: 27-35inch
Shoulder: 20inch
Lower Waist: 38-46inch
Waist: 29-35inch

Item Code: W12 (2 separate pieces)
Selling: $21.90
Availability: Green only

Measurement (as flat):

Length: 57cm
Chest: 45cm
Shoulder: 36cm
Sleeve length: 57cm

Length: 83cm
Chest: 57cm
Shoulder: 33cm

Item Code: W13
Selling: $21.90
Availability: Red and Green

Measurement (as flat):
Length: 77cm
Chest: 42cm
Shoulder: 38cm
Sleeve Length: 56cm
Sleeve hole: 11cm
Waist: 42cm
Lower Waist: 42cm

Tips: You may wish separate new apparel with other clothes when you wash it at the first time. it would help to maintain the shirt to its best condition =)

If interested, please send in your order to =)
Happy Shopping!! =D

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